Install GoogleMobile Service



The m100 module default system os  is a ‘raw ’ android os,Here we provide a simple way to install android GMS package which ensure you to use google play store.

Please send mail to us to get the installation package.

Before starting , you may need read this:

Installation Steps:

1. Connect usb cable from PC  to m100 machine , open a terminal window 

2. Update firmware for older sw version (please contact us to get latest version).  type in terminal:

        adb reboot-bootloader

        fastboot flash boot boot.img

        fastboot flash lk lk.bin

        fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

        fastboot flash system system.img

        fastboot reboot

3. Run bat file gms_install_m.bat, and wait a minute.

4. Update userdata.img and cache.img again as below:

        adb reboot-bootloader

        fastboot flash userdata userdata.img 

        fastboot flash cache cache.img

5. Reboot and test it.